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The Leeds Investment & Trading Group, is a student-led organization dedicated to cultivating a group of intellectually curious students equipped with both the critical and creative aptitude to participate in financial markets. In congruence with this mission, LIT promotes widespread financial literacy among its peers, from all interdisciplinary backgrounds, by providing a unique forum in which members can freely learn, discuss, and debate global market trends and investment opportunities. Additionally, the group coordinates events using online trading simulators to allow members to engage in friendly investment competitions, thereby providing its members with both the fellowship and real world investing expertise that we hope will manifest into prudent investment and career decisions.

Our Mandate

Formally the University of Colorado Investment Club, the Leeds Investment & Trading Group is a premier community of next-generation finance professionals that are gathered by a culture of excellence and driven by a collective value for high achievement. Our value proposition to our members, and by extension, the larger Leeds community, is dual. Our first initiative is to advance each member's professional growth and development by serving as a platform upon which each is challenged to refine their core competencies, broaden their technical proficiencies, and explore their innate curiosities. In congruence with our growth and development efforts, we seek to broaden the scope of our members' professional horizons by expanding members' professional community and visibility. 


Academic Enhancement

We supplement members' coursework with learning opportunities that extend beyond the scope of the classroom.

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Professional Development

Learn more about how we develop members' core abilities to think, speak, and act like an industry professional. 

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Career Advancement

Learn more about how we propel members' professional connections and career prospects to new heights.

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Corporate Relations


We strive to enable the financial-related pursuits of our members by bringing rich and immersive learning opportunities to the forefront of their academic experience. Our vision is not to form strict academics but rather, adaptive and thought-leading professionals. We actualize this vision through development seminars and socratic discussion paneling that challenge our members to simulate making consequential decisions using incomplete information.


We believe in the power of learning by doing. It is this belief that drives our ambition to actively manage an investment fund that outperforms the S&P 500. The resulting responsibilities has proven to be our most valued learning vehicle, catalyzing the best in each our members. We are also deeply appreciative of the resulting opportunities that are opened to engage with local investors. The fund serves a dual purpose as both a hands-on learning vehicle as well as an external engagement platform. 


We are dedicated to providing a forum where members are able to engage with like-minded peers. We also seek to provide the opportunity for our members to hear from guest speakers who generously share their wealth of expertise and experience as industry veterans and pioneers. It is through our close partnerships with Leeds alumni, faculty members, community leaders and corporate sponsors that our desire to extend invaluable resources and opportunities to members is made possible.


We firmly believe that inspiring an interest in finance in the individual not only serves their own self-interest, but more broadly, the collective interest. This belief is visibly made a priority by our leaders' uncompromising commitment to advance the financial literacy of the broader Leeds community - Achieved through innovations in executive leadership, strategic value propositions, and uninhibitedly leaning into non-traditional channels of communal outreach. 

Nothing excites us more than a dynamic discourse, best achieved through active participation and a diversified perspective. 

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