Brexit for Beginners

Whether you like the news or not, you would have come across this word of late – Brexit. Because of the larger than life news it made, it may sound like a terrible thing that happened just like a bomb blast or an airplane that disappeared midway into a journey. In reality it isn’t that bizarre. Brexit is simply Great Britain leaving the European Union (EU) as it was earlier part of the EU. If you would like to use another fancy word, you could say that Brexit is the opposite of Bremain.  Just for the record, who is Britain’s Prime Minister? Not David Cameron as he resigned post Brexit. It is Theresa May, the first woman Prime Minister of the UK after Margaret Thatcher (second overall) and guess what, she vouched for UK to remain in the EU as opposed to supporting a Brexit. Now, this post isn’t on why she was elected to be the Prime Minister when she supported a Bremain. This post seeks to give thoughts on the basic questions regarding Brexit. 

Why did Britain leave the EU? What happened between them? Wait a second, how did UK feature in the EU in the first place? We will look at these issues and more as we go along.