I am not a finance major. Can I still Join?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves as an interdisciplinary group of students, collectively drawn together from vastly diverse backgrounds. Our members have backgrounds in finance, operations and information management, accounting, engineering, psychology, computer science, Russian, history, economics, the list goes on. 



Of course. If you're a freshman, we commend your initiative to get involved and are excited to have you on board. If you're a senior, we welcome you and your extra years of experience. In short, your year doesn't matter to us. As long as you're curious and willing to learn and engage, we want you on board.  


I am a Graduate Student, Can I Be Involved?

Yes! We would be thrilled to have you join us. Currently, our membership is predominately comprised of undergraduate students. However, we would love to meet with you personally to discuss ways in which we could potentially leverage your experience, expertise, background with our resources to forge a mutually beneficial relationship. Please contact us here or contact our executive member, Christine Choi directly at christine.choi@colorado.edu if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours. 


I don't know anything about finance, can I still join?

Yes. We have all been there so we understand what its like to be totally lost and have financial jargon fly over our heads. Our exec team is extremely willing to help you get on pace to engage in rewarding ways as quickly as possible. Our meetings are accommodating to our members' vast needs and interests. We are big believers in making time for Socratic-style discussions where ideas flow freely and dynamic discussion thrives so that everyone's questions can be addressed as they arise. If you're interested in learning more in your own time, our VP of Development has plenty of suggestions for where you can start. Our executive team also likes to stick around after meetings to answer your questions and explain confusing topics as well. 


Is there an application process? 

Yes and no. We prefer to call it a registration process since there is no vetting process in becoming a member. We do however require all members to complete a three-step registration process that won't be painful, we promise. 


I. Meet & Greet

This form is your standard registration form where we gather info on how to best reach you. Perhaps more importantly, is that this is the survey where you arrange a meet up with one of the executive members. This is one of our favorite activities as execs where we get to meet new members like yourself, fill you in on what we're all about, and answer your questions. Indulge us in 10 minutes of your time to hang out by Trep Cafe, a Koelbel Business School hot spot. (Note: This step is optional.)


II. Member Profile Survey (MPS)

This survey is about you and your interests. We love to hear about what you're interested in so that we can make sure that you get first dibs on any opportunities that fit your interests. Leeds has so much to offer and are dying to have specific targets on who to offer them to.


III. Financial Literacy Assessment (FLA)

This essentially serves to inform the executive board on how to structure meetings. Trust us when we say that we do not care how you do on the assessment. We just want to know what you know. Which by the way, if your answer to that is "nothing", that is totally okay, if not expected. Help us make sure that we hit the right target when it comes to the vast spectrum of financial literacy. Every single one of the execs can attest to a time when we heard a presentation that went way over our heads. The FLA was our solution to addressing this universal experience. So thank you for helping us achieve that. We are always deeply appreciative of your input.


IV. Email List Subscription

We ask for your email in both the MPS as well as the IPS to ensure member compliance. However, in efforts to maximize efficiency and seamlessly integrate our communication channels, those prior email entries are not compiled into our email list. Rather, our email list is automatically generated by a third-party service that requires a separate email entry. This is available at the bottom of our member registration page here. This is the only channel in which we accept and/or add new emails. It is paramount that you add your email to this list to receive updates and opportunities.



Contributing to an industry-standard research report and presenting your findings is admittedly a huge commitment but immensely rewarding, both academically and professionally. The benefits of joining an analyst group are numerous but in short, doing so will highly accelerate your learning as well as catapult your digital visibility to the next level. Talk to one of our sector heads to learn about how you can contribute to our weekly presentations. Or contact them directly via email here.


How can I become an Executive Member?

First of all, thanks for your interest. Executive elections are held annually at the tail end of the spring semester. Running for a position is quite simple where you express interest to the existing board and become elected via popular vote. Contrarily, serving as an exec tends to be the real challenge, as it proves to be a huge time commitment and not as glamorous as it sounds. Which is why we're always so happy to have members express interest in taking on any executive role. Ask an exec directly for more information. 


Let me just start off by assuring you that your experience is by no means unique. Being lost in all the jargon is extremely common, if not expected. As you will soon realize, our sector heads are extremely passionate about financial topics. Moreover, due to the inherent nature of finance, it is all too easy for even the most seasoned financial professionals to forget to distill all the confusing abstractions and acronyms that Wall Street loves to spit out. Finance is, if nothing else, a language. Likewise,  your best bet for learning the language is through (A) hearing it and (B) being at the forefront of speaking it. By simply being in the room, you will eventually catch on to common terms and themes. 

We have also dedicated a team of executives to addressing the needs of those who are seeking more guidance and instruction on fundamentals of finance. These executives are rigorously working to launch this "boot-camp" as soon as possible. In the meantime, please refrain from being too discouraged and be aware that, although the learning curve is steep, it's guaranteed to manifest into empowering transformation. As always, we are here to help you so please approach any of the executive members with any of your questions. It can be as simple as, "Dude, in English."