Our Leadership | 2015 - 2016


President, Jason Bellegarde

Jason Bellegarde is from New Orleans and is pursuing a degree in Finance. He first joined the investment club in 2010 and has been actively involved ever since, bringing a wealth of expertise on up-and-coming tech companies as well as his thoughts on macroeconomic trends.  In between running a tech start-up and researching topics for club meetings, he likes to be outdoors, but is more likely looking at charts in the rather dismally lighted Bloomberg lab.


VP of External Relations, Christine Choi

Christine Choi was raised in the suburban outskirts of Boulder before attending CU in 2012 to pursue a dual-degree in Finance and Accounting. Since her membership in 2013, she was quickly appointed as the club's VP of External Relations and has since been heavily dedicated to increasing new-member recruitment, sustaining member engagement, and managing the club's strategic development. Her broad interests include corporate valuation best-practices, as well as staying abreast the post-crisis evolution of central banking; particularly the recent development of macroprudential monetary policy reform. In between her studies and part-time job at a boutique M&A advisory practice, one will likely find her humbly learning to code from students several years her junior.


VP of Investment Research, Everett Nychka

Everett Nychka is a Boulder native majoring in Quantitative Finance and Mathematics. He has been attending meetings since 2010 and has been serving as the VP of Investment Research since 2014. Everett's contagious passion for financial markets in tandem with his gift in identifying unique global economic, currency, and monetary policy trends has been invaluable to LIT. His extensive technical background continues to outpace that of his peers, propelling his ability to serve as an indispensable resource to members. In between his rigorous math courses and weekly "market update" preparations; one would most likely find him leisurely looking at charts.


VP of Operations, John Housner

John Housner graduated with distinction in May of 2016 with a degree in finance and has since continued his rigorous studies in preparation for the CFA exam. During his time at CU, he was a highly distinguished member of the CU Investment Club, offering a wealth of knowledge on developments in the energy sector and specializing in large to mid-cap equities, ETF's, and mutual funds. Since being appointed as the club's VP of Operations in 2015, he has served the pivotal role of creating weekly content and managing an exceptional channel of communication with our members.