Annual Member Registration

We administer the following surveys, assessments, and meet ups to gather valuable analytics that help shape our organization. These analytics are strictly used to serve the academic and professional interests of our members. We'd like to thank our members for their feedback and for essentially equipping the executive board with the right intelligence to deliver maximum value. 


Member Profile Survey

Comprehensive survey on who you are and what you want to see from LIT. Required of all members on an annual basis.


Financial Literacy Assess.

Preliminary assessment on what you already know as well as what you would like to learn more about. Required of all members of an annual basis


Meet & Greet (Optional*)

Last step for new members. Optional for returning members or those that attended the orientation meeting. Meet with one of the execs to get acquainted with the club.

Last Step

Attend meetings. If your outreach for a meet and greet has gone unanswered, please don't let that deter you from dropping by. Our VP of Internal Affairs is committed to replying to every initiation eventually. However, we humbly ask for the patience of our incumbent members, as your email is often one of many, and our commitments as executives are in addition to those of being a full-time Buff.

We have new people joining us mid-semester all the time. So please indulge us in the pleasure of meeting you personally by introducing yourself to any of the executive members. On behalf of the board, it is our greatest pleasure to meet you all - and we mean that sincerely.