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Janus Capital Group

We will have meeting as usual in Koelbel S233 at 5:30. The equity research group, led by Austin Yellen, will be presenting their research findings for about 30 minutes before we head up to Koelbel 340 to hear from Addison Maier and Will Palamet of Janus Capital Group talk about their market research experience at 6:00 sharp. Food will be provided. 

For those of you who don't know, Janus is a fairly large asset management firm headquartered in Denver and is a fantastic place to get an internship if you're interested in going into PM. Dress nice if you can, but by no means required. 

Also think of good questions - there is no better way to stand out than to ask interesting questions. 

  • Interesting questions are questions that do not have googleable answers (e.g. Where are your offices located?). 
  • Interesting questions sometimes asks the speaker for their opinion on a relevant topic. 
  • A home run question will effectively convey one's intelligence (without trying too hard to show off - do NOT be that guy), add value to the everyone else in the room (i.e. being overly specific to your personal interests/circumstances), and if you're really good should serve as an almost undetectable/implicit form of flattery (asking for speaker's personal opinion usually accomplishes this)
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